Saturday, August 8, 2009

another 10

Well, so thankful it was ONLY 10. I felt horrible. I 'ran' with my brother but he was way ahead of me. I finished in 1:44 mins average a little over 10 min mile pace. (The same exact time as the last time we ran 10...but this time I felt worse..) My legs were really heavy. The weather wasn't that bad hot but a good cloud cover so it wasn't direct sun. Steve met me at half way and I tried some nasty Hammer Gel it was supposed to give me some energy but it was gross and I couldn't really tell if it gave me energy. Next week I'll try something different. Anyone have something they like and would suggest?

Started thinking about my Marathon running outfit--haven't decided what I am going to wear but you can be sure it'll be something new ;)


scrappaper said...

Great job on your running! My wife Jenni who just a month or two ago couldn't run 1 mile, just ran her first race; the Bastille Day 4 miler in Georgetown DC. It's great seeing people running and I'm starting to run a lot again too.

Do you or Steve use Nike+? It made us (and my friends at work) very competitive and helps keep running interesting.

Keep training! Oh, does Steve still run a lot?

Matt said...

Not sure if this is the greatest but, might be worth a shot.