Saturday, October 3, 2009

Way behind...

Well, sorry for the delay in the posting world.. it's been a rough couple of weeks.

Let's see we can begin with the 20 mile run. If you are my friend on facebook or in real life this is old news...but it was a nice looong run. A few highlights:
1. I finished in 3:28
2: Mile 16 I had a fit of rage
3: My knees were really sore after mile 17
4. I should have drank more water

I ran the 20 miles on September 5th. Since then I have only run 3 times. Once in Ohio for a mere 3 miles, Twice with Marcee both were short little runs.

I am very nervous about next weekend...but SUPER excited about Marcee being able to run with me. I keep telling myself that this is a good rest. Nothing hurts--in fact i am just being lazy.

I hope to get a pretty decent run in tomorrow and each day this week to stay lose. I've never really done something this big before so we shall see if my procrastinating ways will catch up with me :)

Check back in each night this week to get the latest updates. I am over my laziness with blogging and running...I PROMISE :)

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ksaia said...

Love the background! Here's my running encouragement: You go girl!