Monday, November 9, 2009

Back in the saddle

Yesterday was a beautiful day in VA. The high was 72 and sunny. How could I not run?

Of course I had some good company, as I do on all runs. My friend Nicki joined me. She is training for a half marathon in the Spring. It's one of my favorite things to run and talk and see friends get excited about running and set goals. If you remember this post, that is what GYRO is all about. I know Nicki will reach her goal and then some.. especially now that I've blogged about it :)

Most of my running partners famous last words are "I'm just starting and I can't go far". Once you run with someone else and they push you just little you quickly realize running is all in your head. It's something I constantly remind myself of when pushing it just one more mile.. If you have never ran with someone, give it a try just make sure they are your pace. Time quickly passes when you are talking.

We had a nice 3.75 mile run at a 10:15 pace. We talked a lot about running and some of our goals in the next couple of months which really got me excited to be in my running shoes again.

I felt great. Nothing hurt and just a little soreness in my hips and knees later in the evening. Surprisingly, I could hardly tell it had been over 4 weeks since my last run, the marathon. When I turned on the Garmin to track this run it still read 26.4 and 4:44 so erasing it felt like a new beginning.

On a side note, Jenny, an original GYRO Delaware member and Chandler, a GYRO partner from Delaware and Lousiville will be running the Philadelphia marathon in just a little under 2 weeks. I know they will do great and all their hard work during training will pay off.

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