Monday, February 22, 2010

8 to 4

When there is a little sunshine and warmth, running is soo much easier.

Since our race was canceled due to ice on the course on Saturday, my friend Nicki picked me up. She had 8 miles on her training shcedule but after last Sunday's run I was a little worried. But sometimes in running you just have to get out there and see how you feel and boy oh boy did I feel great. I had been told after training so hard this summer that running distances would be easier but I didn't believe them. Now I stand a firm believer.

We ran 8 miles in 1 hour 33 minutes a little slower than my 'normal' 10 minute mile pace BUT we ran the hilliest part of the Huckleberry. I felt great. When I got home from running, Steve was like "where have you been" I said we ran 8 miles.. he was shocked! I have to admit--I too was a little shocked.

I felt so good that on Sunday I ran with Ashley and April (a new GYRO member). We ran 4 miles not keeping time but at the end I could really start to feel the runs--sore and stiff but inspired beyond belief.

I'm excited about the spring and summer and getting back on the pavement. GYRO VA will be a great encouragement.

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LMP said...

So jealous! I want to be running again! Much less running the Huckleberry! Aaaah, enjoy it for me!