Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some Motivation

Yesterday, my boss gave me a magazine that made him think of me: Blue Ridge Outdoors Runtown USA edition (March 2010). Since I'm in advertising I first looked at all the ads then went back and read some of the articles. In a lot of the ads they talked about giveaways, free races, running partners, cool gear, etc. I decided to check out a few of their websites and become facebook fans so I could get all the updates. My friend Nicki is great about this and I had been meaning to look into some other blogs,websites, facebook pages to connect with other local runners and learn some more about the running gear (until my Garmin watch, I was a t-shirt, shorts and shoes girl), latest running tips, upcoming races and I found a FREE Race Entry into the Baltimore Marathon.. it's titled "Can you do 26.2 or 13.1? " Well, yes I can and I'm sure I'll run faster if it's free.

If free race entries doesn't motivate you..check out this blog post for some mental motivation.

What motivates you to run?


Nicki said...

So many things motivate me to run... Right now it's definitely that crazy half I signed myself up for. :)

And new running clothes seem to motivate me to run, which is why I stopped by Dick's on my way home to purchase a running shirt for my half! :)

...Hope you win the free registration! When do you find out? Looking forward to Saturday! :)

Suzann said...

5 Reasons that motivate me to run.
#1 - Knowing my daughter is going to ask me if I ran recently. ha ha!

#2 - Knowing my daughter wants to run with me in the future - I have to be ready.

#3 - Knowing that it's makes me feel younger. Young people talk about running. ha ha!

#4 - Knowing it meets one of my goals - Move More. Still working on the other goal - Eat Less.

#5 -If I run, then I can ask my husband if he ran today. Don't do as I say, but as I do."