Monday, June 28, 2010

5 miles

Whew, what a weekend.

I think I should take the day and just go recover from all the fun. Since Wednesday night, I haven't been asleep until well after midnight (my normal wind down time is 9..) I had girls night on Thursday night, Date night on Friday night, Shopping trip to NC on Saturday and Church lunch and redecorating on Sunday. It was all really fun and felt like a nice long weekend but I need some sleep! Surprisingly, it hasn't really hit me until now. 10am on Monday morning. Sitting in front of my computer with a to-do a mile long not wanting to do any of it.

Anyway, enough about my lack of sleep. I also haven't run since Wednesday. I walked A LOT in flip flops--not great for runners precious feet. I was scheduled to run 7 miles on Saturday but I had a shopping trip to NC to IKEA that just couldn't be missed so I aimed to do it Sunday evening. I met Jessamyn and Wendy at the trail and due to some recent news I was on an adrenaline kick. I talked the whole first 2.5 miles.. no one else got a word in. I was feeling good and could have kept going but Wendy and Jess have never run 5 miles (well it has been quite some time..) so I wanted to stay with them and encourage them to finish it out. THEY DID IT and even ran up the nasty hill at the end! It was starting to cool off after we turned around which helped and Steve, the waterboy was on his bike keeping us hydrated.. SIDE NOTE: this heat is miserable! I'm so proud of them and excited about their progress.

I didn't get my 7 in because Steve needed to go help some friends. It's just another way, I'm not letting this training make  me selfish again!




Nicki said...

"Some recent news"??? I need DETAILS!!! I can't be at GYRO this week so you better fill me in tomorrow morning! :)

ksaia said...

Yeah, I want to hear about the news, too! Do we have to run with you to hear it? :)