Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Week Update

Woah--it's been a week since I've posted. Normally this would mean that I haven't been running but I'm happy to report it's because I've been running too much to blog about it :) Let's start where we left off.

Monday, the 28th I met Wendy and Jessamyn at the trail. The clouds were looming but we thought we'd roll the dice and see if we could make it 3 without getting caught in the rain.. NO SUCH LUCK! We got about .25 miles in and it came pouring down..so we turned around and sprinted to the car. We could have kept going but the lightening and thunder made it a little dangerous. We aren't afraid of a little rain ;)

Tuesday, the 29th was a make up run. We ran 3 on the Huckleberry sans the rain.

Wednesday, the 30th we headed to a local high school for a track workout. Side note: I haven't done a true track workout since high school! It brought back a ton of memories :) Hannah, Wendy and myself did a warm up, 4 800's and a little cool down totaling just around 4 miles. My running plan suggested I run the 800's in 4:38 which I thought should be tough but I was about to run them at an average of 3:55. I was feeling good. The other girls did great with maintaining the same time each 800 (consistency is key!)

Saturday, the 3rd was a big day. 7 MILES. I had run 8 back in April but I haven't really gone that far since then. We kept a pretty easy pace in the beginning..it takes some time to warm up then we picked it up. We finished in about 73 minutes but the last 3.5 were quite a bit faster.

Monday, the 5th was a Holiday from work so I finally "enjoyed" Hannah's RPM (cycling) class at the gym where she works. Let's just say..cycling is hard. The seats are really small and well my lower half isn't so small so I find it quite uncomfortable. It really worked some different muscles. After our cycling class, Hannah, Wendy and Nicki and myself headed to the Huckleberry (the Blacksburg side!) for an easy 3 miles. It took some time to stretch the legs from the cycling but it felt great at the end.

Lots of running and exercising planned for this week. Including watching my sugar and calorie intake (thanks to the app for that!)

Also, planning on adding the sit-ups, planks and push-ups back into the routine after the runs.. We shall see how it goes.

Please remember to drink LOTS of WATER today and this week..it's going to be HOT :)



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