Thursday, June 24, 2010

Running cadence

I'm married to a drummer. There are always drumming sounds coming from tapping on the table, his legs, a pen, the steering wheel while driving, the drum set in my living room, etc.This is his cadence.While, I don't have as much rhythm as my hubby, I do have my very own running cadence. One breath in, two breath out & a stride that is my very own. It's taken me almost 16 years to feel comfortable with my running and find my cadence (if you know me in real life that means I started running when I was 9--my very first XC race in Louisiana).

Last night, I was in the zone. It was hot AGAIN but, I was really feeling my strides and breathing. I had all intentions of running 5, because my new running plan suggested I do a 5 tempo run (side note: tempo means it should be hard for your talk while running..ha.. you must be crazy..I run to talk!) We got to the 2 mile turn around and Jessamyn and Erin looked pooped and I knew if I ran to the 2.5 mile turn around..I'd be alone the whole way back..NO THANKS! I decided to turn around with them and boy, am I glad I did. The heat just zaps your energy. Erin met up with me and we ran one of the miles at 8:45 (told ya I was feeling it). We slowed down after that because of the hills and just plain ol' tired. Erin works at a gym and taught I think 4 classes that day so she had definitely got her workouts in for the day. Jessamyn was behind us just a little she finished strong--she has turned (back) into quite the little runner!

Nicki, Mathis and Jess S. ran 3 miles without watches and just for fun. Which is great! Sometimes you need to remember..Running is Fun! When you obsess about time, pace, distance, etc it becomes a chore. One of the main reasons (beside U of L moving to the Big East) I choose to not peruse a college running career was because I love to run. I don't want it to be my job or my life or a chore. It's the balance that I need.

Have you found your running cadence?



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