Sunday, June 13, 2010

Try a Sunday run instead of a Sunday drive or both if you wish

We spent the weekend in our hometown, Newark, DE for a wedding of a high school friend. We had a great time dancing the night away and sweating. Boy did we sweat. It was hot!

That meant we had the 6 hour drive home today. My legs do not like being stuck in the sitting position for longer than 30 minutes so the 6 hour drive home is NOT COMFORTABLE! About 4 hours into the trip I started texting my GYRO girls to see if we could get a run in. Luckily, Hannah, Jessamyn and Wendy were all up for a run. Jessamyn's friend, Leana also joined us. We started running and we didn't really have a plan for how far (secretly I always have a plan but sometimes that distance can freak people out--so instead of letting them worry about how far and mentally psh themselves out I play it off). It worked great today. We ran 4 miles! This was the furthest Wendy has run in a while and I was so proud. She has been sticking with it and I KNOW it's going to pay off.

Anyway, this Sunday I had a Sunday drive and a Sunday run.. How about you?

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