Sunday, July 25, 2010

7 miles in the heat

Well, my running schedule has been pretty screwy the past few weeks because of a few factors, the heat, family in town, us traveling out of town, being lazy, etc.

Today I could really feel the psychological affects of not running.. I was getting a little testy and my legs were itching to get out there. I had to wait until 5pm for the heat to die down but I was so glad when Wendy picked me up.

I was a little nervous running in the heat but i hydrated throughout the day and knew the shade on the Huckleberry would give some comfort.

We ran 7 miles. A milestone for Wendy.. she's training for a 1/2 in September and has only really be training for 3 months (not to mention she had a baby 11 months ago!) It was hot but I felt great..and I think she did too..although tomorrow might be a sore day for us both.

I'm headed to bed before I eat the house out...Until next time..



PS. Don't forget about the GYRO race on July 31st..If you need more information, leave me a comment and I'll e-mail you!

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Kim42285 said...

I love that you have to go to bed so you don't eat the house out... sounds familiar hahaha