Saturday, July 31, 2010

The first ever GYRO race

Today was the day. The very first ever GYRO race. I woke up very excited but with a nervous stomach like on every race day..whether a big race or small. Got my favorite shorts and shirt on and headed downstairs to see that it was raining. I stepped outside to a nice cool morning and the rain drops were kind of refreshing. I was a little bummed when I checked the radar to see that is was coming our rain. We really need the rain here in VA but I can't tell you the last time it rained on a Saturday... but the race must still go one. We gathered our gear and headed out the door. As we were waiting for everyone to arrive it was nice to hear everyone excited about the race and not worrying about the rain.

We had a great turnout..especially for our first one! 11 people! 5 people did the 10k (myself, Nicki, Wendy, Mathis and Evan) and the other 6 did the 5k (my brother Matt, neighbor Daron, co-worker Monqiue, friends Stacie, Lisa and Jed).

The whole gang walking afterwards minus a few..

It rained hard and we were soaked but it was really fun. I ran with Nicki they whole time and we kept a great pace..even though I couldn't see at times due to the rain! We finished in 57:37 to a line of fans :)

Soaked at the half way point :)

Everyone did so well..we had some new faces to GYRO who are really trying to like running and a wet cool morning doesn't make you love running so they'll have to come back again ;) We had some occasional know the kind that run really fast whenever, with no training..yeah those guys. But, I was really proud of Wendy. She's been grinding it out for the last few months training for her first half marathon. And by grinding it out, I mean running at least 3 days a week and letting me talk her into crazy runs :) She ran a great time today and looked great--I was so proud because I know she'll always be a ball player (basketball) first but she sure is coming around to running.

Wendy in action

Some other shoutouts--I roped some friends into volunteering to be at the turn arounds and finish line. They are real true friends because it was raining so they were wet and probably cold.. did I mention how nice the temperture was?! Anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my hubby Steve, college roommate Erin and her hubby Greg and friend Jackie. We couldn't have done it without you :)

Ok enough about the race, afterwards we headed back to myplace for a potluck breakfast that was AWESOME! We pretty much ate everything then just relaxed the rest of the morning/ afternoon.

Check out the spread!
Thanks for all the support and we had such a great time! Until next time..



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