Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Wednesday without Sarah

I wasn't able to attend GYRO on Wednesday because we had family in town BUT..I got a recap from Hannah, Wendy and Jessamyn (although she just was different... ;)).

Here is Wendy's account:
Hannah, Erin, Jessamyn and I met at the Huckleberry Trail in Blacksburg. We decided we'd do 4 miles and embarked on a route that Hannah had run previously. Since we didn't have either of our trusty friends with the GPS watches, we had to pick a route someone had done before who knew the mileage. :)

We ran up Draper Rd and took a right on Airport. We continued on Airport and took a right on Southgate. We ran past "chicken hill" and the south rec. fields at VT and turned onto Duckpond Drive. We cut through the Duckpond and turned left onto West Campus Dr. After taking a quick break to decide the rest of our route, we turned onto Perry St. and passed by Derring, Bishop-Favaro, and Durham Hall. We turned right onto Kent Street and ran past the Drillfield, Newman Library, and up the hill past the President's Quad dorms. We crossed Washington Street and took and quick left/right to end back up at our cars in the lot on Harrell St. We changed the original route we planned on, but Hannah mapped it later and it still turned out to be 4 miles. It was fairly steamy out, and all of us were struggling with our legs and our minds. None of us really wanted to be out there, and the whole run was a struggle! Not my favorite GYRO moment but it was good to push through and I am glad we didn't quite half-way through as we discussed. Runs like those remind me that I can do it even when I don't feel like it. Also, it was great to get off the Huckleberry and run around town (or in the case campus) with people. We had to be more mindful of traffic but we were able to see some sights that we don't run by often and that was nice. It was the first time I've run with other people around campus in a decade... that was fun. 

Here is Hannah's account:
Gryo minus our leader Sarah
When: Wed night - 7pm
Who: Erin, Hannah, Jessamyn & Wendy
Where: Blacksburg Huck to south gate, duck pond & through campus
How far: 4 miles
How it felt: tough!  Wendy had already gone for a ride on her bike with Daisy, Jess & I were just tired.  Erin felt good. 

Overall:   Good to get out & have a change of scenery, great conversation, good to get the miles...tough to keep going!

At least I know they missed me..I was enjoying Gloriana at the local fair! It was fun but I sure did miss the run..

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