Thursday, September 2, 2010

A month review

Wow! Was my last post really July 31st? That is terrible. I apologize to my faithful blog readers (who've probably stopped reading because I stopped posting!)

Too much to catch you up on but let's just say--Life is CRAZY right now. The weather has still been hot. Running has been a strong #3 (Family and Friends) take priority these days. Won't be running the Baltimore Marathon (more on that in a later post). Been part of some monumental runs with Wendy (whose running her first 1/2 THIS weekend!) Including her first 10 miles.. Was I part of your first 10 miles? If so, leave a comment I'd love to relive it! GYRO has also been reached out to by some new runners thanks to a shoutout on our church's new website  and some other friends who will help make GYRO an even better group and site (if I can ever find some time to stay on it!)

I really want to put some energy and time into GYRO because I've learned over the past 5 years people can really relate to GYRO. Do you have ideas that can make GYRO better? I'd love to hear them.. If you read the blog, your part of our story and I'm a firm believer in active participation :)

Until tomorrow (a post a day for a week is my goal...start small..just like in running)



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