Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'mmmm back!

Sorry for the impromptu blog hiatus. Sometimes, you just have so much going on you can barely go to the bathroom, let alone blog..or run!

But anyway, I'm back.. Let's not focus on the last two weeks.. let's move forward.

Wendy and Hannah both texted me on Friday night wanting to get a long run in on Saturday morning. I had pushed running aside because of my crazy life right now but sometimes you need people to kick you into gear. Running is just what I needed. We ran 6.5 miles..didn't have my watch and quite frankly, didn't care to! It felt great to be out there sweating and pushing through the pains of not running for 2 weeks but over all the attitude adjustment running gives me is remarkable. I felt refreshed, motivated and back to normal.

Last night, I met GYRO (Nicki, Wendy, Jessamyn, Hannah, Erin & Morgan) we did 4 miles..kind of together and kind of on our own and it was HOT but again it felt really good to be out there and feeling strong. My knee was feeling pretty tight but overall I felt strong. Lots of stretching and water drinking always help ease the pains.

During the run, I ran by myself for about a mile and I was thinking about why I run. I'm a pretty uptight and high strung person but somehow I always cut running out when I'm stressed because it's something that is easy to cut out and opens up a chunk of time..but it's the thing (next to my personal relationship with God) that I really need the most. It's my balance and 'happy pill'.

I'm taking today off but plan on some ab and weight workout this evening.

A back to normal, happy, stress free (kinda), running Sarah


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emilytroutmanphoto said...

glad you got your run on and your blog on :)