Thursday, September 9, 2010

You win some and you lose some..

I've failed again. For some reason I can't keep up with this blog to safe my life (maybe because my world is spinning right now...without any chances of slowing down). Anyway, I haven't run in what seems like weeks..I've really missed it. I'm trying to get a hold of my spinning world and getting back on track with the running, eating and budgeting because all we've been doing is traveling and eating!

Steve and I spent the long weekend at his parent's beach place in Rehoboth Beach. Something about that beach brings me back to high school..maybe because I spent a lot of time there in high school or I always run into high school friends..anyway, I just love it. We are such beach people--can sit there looking and listening to the waves with no where to be and nothing to do for hours! We unexpectedly ran into some old who we ran with in high school and lives in Hawaii now and another friend and his fiance who grew up across the street from Steve. We talked a lot about running and life and it was just good to catch up. Then it hit me, the last time I saw these guys, I had just run 20 miles and I had done it at the beach. Wow, has it really been a year..and was I really just sitting on the beach with no intentions of running.. my how a year changes things.

After the beach we met up with my college friend who lives in DC and headed to the Boise St-Tech game..what a great game and terrible outcome. In track practice we were always told to run through the finish..just because you see the end doesn't mean you give up because you never know who is right behind you and ready to take the win away from you. So it's not over until it's over..always run hard through the finishes :) After the game, we spent the night at her place on The Hill. She lives in such a cool part of the city. We spent the whole next day touring the city and went to the Spy Museum which was REALLY fun. We ate some more and walked some more and finally headed back home around 4pm. Sometimes, walking is more painful than running. But, I love the city atmosphere of people running everywhere! It was really motivating for me to get back into it.

Here are some recent wins from GYRO members:

Wendy completed her first half marathon
Nicki started training for her first full marathon
Kim only has 2 more long runs before her full marathon

What are some recent wins you've had with running?

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