Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A new yet very familiar running partner

Ladies and Gentlemen: Pigs are Flyin.

Yesterday was a pretty good Monday. Work was a bit crazy (but that is nothing new). Steve got home relatively early. We had dinner prepared thanks to my dinner co-op (I can share in a later post). Instead of our usual vegging out on the couch we decided to give our cars some much needed TLC. While were were washing them I could get over of how PERFECT the weather and how I was not running! So, I just happen to drop the hint to Steve that we should go for a run. I was completely taken back when he agreed..remember this? but let's be honest I said what if we went to the trail for a walk/run.. all he heard was the walk part ;) We headed home and changed into some running gear and hit the trail. I tried to keep the pace pretty fast because the last time we ran he became injured because he was going to slow. A few times I looked back (yep, back) and he had a big grin on his face because he knew I was purposely trying to push him. He said he felt good and we turned around at the mile mark and walked back. We stretched a lot and no knee pain but it finally came out. He has no desire to be a runner.. but hey, I've heard that before.

Here's to my new GYRO project, Steve. The whole run I was thinking "take  a picture for the blog" but I forgot.. :( Maybe next time..because with me..there is always a next time :)



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