Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sometimes you just have to MOVE

So today it's official. It's been over a year since the marathon.. it's pretty depressing but at the same time ok.  I swore I wouldn't let myself go but when you don't make running a priority it quickly gets away from you. Now, I've run and I'd say I'm in shape (I could run 10 miles today if need be) BUT, I'm not in training shape. I eat crap. Lots of crap and that has to stop because I'm not burning the same amount of calories. I also don't stay hydrated. There was a time in my life that soda was NEVER an option and I need to go back to that. I also NEVER ate fast food. Definitely need to go back to that rule!

But, today was a new beginning. Today was a start. I've drank plenty of water and walked 40 minutes through the hills of Blacksburg with Jessica. Tomorrow is a chance to do even better. Running is great and I've always been a fan but sometimes you just have to move weather that comes in runs, walks jumpping jacks, whatever...just get up and go!



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