Thursday, November 11, 2010

The update of updates

I've had a major blog hiatus and I'd like that to change! Since my last post a lot has changed.

My husband's job moved us to Columbus, OH (just so happens, my parents live here)! Once that happened there was A LOT to do (put the house on the market, sell the house, find a job, say goodbye to our dear friends, find a new house, etc). We are about half way through that list. I accepted a job in Columbus and will be starting on Monday. I'm so thankful it happened so quickly in this job market! Our house has been on the market for about 45 days, still waiting on a buyer but hopeful for a lead we got yesterday. We have started the process of looking for a new home but enjoying the comforts of living with Mom and Dad (rent free & cable) for the first time since I was 18. A little getting used to but it's kind of fun.

I've run some since this whole process got moving, mostly with GYRO VA. My Mom and I have walked some. I've done some P90X. With this time change and my new job unless I run before I go to work, it seems I'm going to have to find some other options, maybe running with a headlight?! We are also looking at joining a gym, which I haven't actively gone to since college. I'm excited about all the changes but I'm ready to get into a routine especially with exercise and running. I made a commitment to myself to do P90X starting tomorrow, and I'll have to blog about. That way you can hold me accountable, like you did with the marathon, and you'll have something to read :) I'm sure I'll get some runs in too since Dad (the reason GYRO began) has talked about running the Louisville Mini Marathon in April!

So, here is to a new chapter of GYRO and my new commitment to this blog!



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Leah said...

YAY! I have missed my inspiration from you!!!