Monday, July 6, 2009

It feels so good..

Well, today's plan was to run 4 but Marcee and I both felt so good we decided to do 5. We ran it in 51:55. Although the weather has been cooler we both were still sweating like pigs.

A few notable memories for the run:
1. The run felt great, the after run was fine but when I bent over dinner was back.. ugh next time eat dinner more than 30 mins before a run.
2. ALWAYS carry an extra hair band (for when one breaks in the middle of a run). Sweaty hair sticking to my face and neck are not attractive and they make me itch.

Tomorrow, we are adding a hill workout to the 4 miles. This should be fun :)


Monique said...

Strong work!

Except for the whole dinner repeat thing. That sucks!

Kim said...

Keep it up!!